Bombers Williams Control Plate B14 Bit


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Bomber’s popular mouth pieces generally accepted by horses that accept tongue and some bar pressure. The plate is set at 45 ° following the contour of the horse’s tongue applying even pressure which brings the head down. Control Plate 45 Double break bits have a middle component that sits on the tongue.

Some extent of pinch will occur. The Bombers Control Plate is set at 45° to follow the contour of the horses tongue. Best suits a horse that accepts tongue pressure. For the horse that shakes its head up when in a snaffle. Williams Cheek Piece: A loose cheek piece moves vertically through the mouthpiece. Bombers bits are carefully chamfered by hand to minimise any pinch, although add 5mm in width when using a loose cheek piece.

Bomber recommends this fixed cheek which provides lateral aids while offering two rein positions to adjust poll and tongue pressure, does not require a back strap. May require extra width to allow for fleshy mouths.

Thickness: B14

REINS CAN BE ATTACHED AT: A - Removes the poll pressure decreasing the mouthpiece leverage. B - Introduces poll pressure leveraging the mouthpiece. Severity: 5 Poll Pressure: Poll pressure is applied through the bridle and will increase proportionally to the length of the bits upper shank/purchase. When applied to a horse that accepts this form of pressure it will bring the head down. Poll pressure is usually used in conjunction with other pressure points, making it more accepted. Cheek Pressure: Cheek pressure is useful for schooling, encouraging flexion and directing the horse. Brass is used in some products due to its soft nature, such as the elliptical roller. Brass also is a warm metal easily accepted by horses.

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