Dynaproof Canvas Reproofing Formulation

Marsh Carney Saddlery

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Waterproofing treatment and mildew repellent for Canvas Goods. This product is ideal for reproofing canvas rugs. For the best results make sure you are going onto a clean face fabric and simply apply with a brush. This can also be put through a spray unit if you have one. Suitable Uses: Horse covers, tents, tarpaulins, awnings, boat/truck covers, stack /silo covers, swags. Coverage: 4L covers approximately 20 square metres. Instructions of Use: Reproof is suitable for restoring water proof properties and mildew resistance of weathered canvas products. Use on new canvas is unnecessary and may lead to impairment of appearance. *Thoroughly clean canvas product by brushing and hosing. *Do Not use soap or detergent. *Allow to dry. *Shake contents well *Apply by sponge, roller, brush or mop. * Allow to dry, preferably in sunlight. * Clean sponge, roller, brush or mop with cold water. Coverage - approximately 5 square metres per litre.

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