Marsh Carney Custom Leather Work

Marsh Carney Saddlery offer a range of custom-made items including Australian Made Saddles, Mounts, Stock Horse Equipment, Stud Equipment, Belts And Knife Pouches and Training Aids.

    Marsh Carney Trainer Saddle

    Custom Made to suit the requirements of you and your horse. The Marsh Carney Trainer suits both the most competitive of riders as well as everyday stock work. 

    Marsh Carney Campdrafter

     A favourite for many in the Stock Horse Ring is our Marsh Carney Campdrafter saddle. Each saddle is hand crafted to best suit the horse and the rider. 

    Guy McLean Signature Saddle

    Designed along side Guy McLean who believes that the best tools in horsemanship are Knowledge, Compassion, Patience and Imagination... Combine this with the perfect tack and you have the complete recipe to success. This saddle is a true credit to the workmanship of Marsh and the creativity of Guy. Combines the traditional stock seat with the freedom of the fender.  


    Australian Made Mounts 

    Australian Made Stock Horse Equipment



    * Please note all hides are unique and will all vary slightly in colour.

    English Bridle Leather

    Traditional Sedgwick Bridle leather is hand finished in Walsall England. The surface has a smooth finish and is designed for the equine industry. It has a high shine finish due to the care and attention it receives as it works its way through the tanning process. Sedgwick bridle leather is used for most of our show quality products including all our stock horse tack. It has a beautiful, clean finish desired by our competition riders.

    Harness Leather

    American Harness Leather is ideal for western tack such as bridles, Breastplates, Reins etc. Through the tanning process it is extremely strong and pliable. This type of leather is vegetable tanned in a traditional pit-tanning system with a high wax finish. 

      Skirting Leather

      This leather is what is used in Western and Half Breed saddles. It is very strong and pliable which allows us to shape the leather to the tree tightly giving the high quality finish. This leather is vegetable tanned over a 4 week process in the USA utilising heavy steer hides.

        American Latigo Leather

        A straight vegetable tanned latigo, the leather is strong and has a good yield. It is pliable and strong made from domestic hides and has a beautiful burgundy finish. This leather is used to make the latigos for the saddles as well as cut thinly to tie ropes and saddle strings.

        English Bridle American Harness Skirting American Latigo

        Colours available:

        London Tan
        Aus Nut
        Dark Havana

        Colours available:





        Colours Available:



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