Don Orrell Angled Offset 3in Neck & Tread Wooden Oxbow

Don Orrell

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Western Stirrups Designed for Comfort & Performance
Introducing our Angled Offset stirrup - designed for both comfort and superior performance. Renowned among riders, these stirrups have received acclaim for their effectiveness in alleviating discomfort in the knees, ankles, and hips during rides.

Optimized Angle: Ensuring your feet rest on a surface parallel to the ground, the angled design reduces strain and provides optimal support to your joints and knees. This design promotes natural posture, making longer rides a breeze.

Strategic Offset: With the weight shifted towards the stirrup's rear, riders can maintain their heels in a downward position with toes up. This enhances balance, guarantees a secure fit, and offers increased control - especially beneficial for disciplines demanding hard stops and slides.

Inside Width: 5.75"
Inside Height: 5.25"
Neck Width: 3.0"
Heavy duty leather treads
Stainless steel hardware
Sold as a pair
Handmade in the USA

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