Bombers 2 1/2 Ring Bomber Blue B16/09 Bit


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A ring cheek piece introduces poll pressure as well as creating leverage on the mouthpiece, the 2½ Ring version is the softest out of the 3 or 4 ring alternatives as the ½ ring softens the leverage on the mouthpiece and poll. A loose cheek piece moves vertically through the mouthpiece. Bombers bits are carefully chamfered by hand to minimise any pinch, although add 5mm in width when using a loose cheek piece.

The Bomber Blue is a unique bit which produces amazing results for the majority of horses. The mouthpiece is ported to give tongue relief. The nylon composite material is light in the mouth and encourages salivation. It is particularly well suited to horses that object to metal mouth pieces.

B16/09 - mouthpiece 18mm over bars and 10mm over tongue

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