Breyer Freedom Horse Cruiser


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The Freedom Series Horse Cruiser is a child's dream vehicle, packed with incredible luxury features for hours of imaginative fun! Featuring a snappy teal exterior and bright raspberry seating, this home-on-the-go ensures that Freedom Series horses and riders travel in comfort and style.

Two horse stalls with planked floors feature hidden storage for supplies underneath the floor!
Tailgate drops down to become a loading ramp, with top Dutch doors that open and close
Roof opens for additional access to the trailer, and has a fold-out awning for shade
Water trough and feed bin make feeding horses easy during travel
Tack hooks fit on the window ledges for hanging tack and other equipment
Two swivelling front seats have storage pouches and seat belts for safety. Seats fit 6" dolls
Steering wheel slides for international trips, and license plate has 3 positions
Sun visors, dashboard GPS, and adjustable side mirrors
Rear seat slides forward to form a bed, has cupholders, a pop-up table and pull-down steps
Roof doubles as an observation deck with flat screen TV and a fold-out table
Roof's compartment stores a ladder and two deck chairs
Includes: Cruiser, 1 ladder, 2 chairs, 6 tack hooks, 1 water trough, 1 feed bin
Note: Dolls and horses not included. Cruiser measures: 19"L x 8.5"W x 10.25"H.

Freedom Series | 1:12 Scale | Ages 4+

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