Calafea Horse Itch Fixing Oil

Marsh Carney Saddlery

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Calafea is a 100% natural oil that horse owners LOVE!

This is a product which has become a much loved fix-all in the kit and tack rooms of horse owners across Australia. Used daily by Farriers, recommended by Equine Veterinarians and loved by eventers and horse enthusiasts everywhere.

We have an impeccable 4.8 Star rating from our customers for a reason!  In a market filled with false promises and expensive products which do not work Calafea stands out and delivers again and again.

We have been told by the boffins in Canberra that we are unable to tell you why horse owners LOVE Calafea or even how to apply it! All we as the manufacturer can say is Calafea makes horses Shiny, Happy & Smelling Great! And shiny happy horses makes for shiny happy people ;)

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