Horse Thermometer

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Safehorse Thermometer is made in Sweden. The perfect size and shape for anyone wishing to take a horse’s temperature, with the added benefit of a finger sized ring on the end so it is easy to remove. No more panicking about putting it in too far and not being able to get it out again. No scrabbling about in the straw looking for it when it flies off following a well aimed tail swish. Has a nice loud ‘beep’ when temp reading is ready. Quite simply the best thermometer you can buy. Every horse property should have one of these.

•Easy to use

•Ergonomic and safe

•The special length makes it possible to take the temperature in exactly the correct place and its bevelled form safeguards it from slipping in too deep

•It takes only 20 – 22 seconds to measure the temperature

•High accuracy of measurement without highly toxic mercury

•Easy to clean with tepid water.

•Battery can be changed without specialist tools material: PVC total length: 24 cm

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