Long Swivel w High Port Wrangler Freeman Bit

Bill Freeman

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Bill Freeman long swivel shank high port wrangler.

All mouth pieces are made to a 5" standard and made in Eversweet mouthpiece. Bill Freeman Bits Eversweet alloy contains 4 to 7% copper. It's sweeter than sweet iron and less corrosive in the horse's mouth.

Shank Length: 8.5"

Bill Freeman will tell you he takes the greatest pride in the finish of his bits. He uses a combination of methods that involve tumbling and polishing. Each bit is buffed and finished by hand. To protect the polish, this horseman recommends "dipping" the bits; just taking the bridle off at the end of the ride and rinsing the crud and slobbers off the bit in a bucket of water. To keep the nearly silver shine on his aluminium cheeked bits, he suggests using products developed to polish aluminium wheels on motorcycles and cars.

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