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•Designed to buckle under the swell
•provides a quick method of securing rope coils neatly

Rattler Ropes "Nothing comes close"

The Rattler Elastic Rope Strap is designed to buckle under the saddle's swell to provide a quick and easy method of securing rope coils neatly at the base of the horn.

Rattler Rope, a diverse and innovative rope company that had established itself as a leader in the calf roping world, as well as with team ropers, moved to Texas and joined the Equibrand group in 1997. With the integration of Rattler Rope, Classic Rope and Rattler Rope became the only two rope companies that manufactured their own string which every rope was built upon. Through this one-of-a-kind in-house process, quality and precise formulations of fibers are designed from scratch which gives the ropes those industry-renounced “feel” characteristics. Today, we are still the only company that manufactures string from a raw material, the very building blocks on which all ropes are made.

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